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We fuse brands with culture.

5ivecanons is an advertising agency focused on consumer engagement.
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What I’m looking for in a restaurant, and why Jimmy Johns is almost perfect…

16th February 2016 By Joshua Gellerstedt

Since I’ve started working at 5ivecanons in downtown Jacksonville, there have been three things that really bother me: Traffic to work, traffic from work, and traffic at lunch time. Every day around noon my stomach starts to gurgle in desperation of some sustenance… but if I leave at noon, then by the time I get to the restaurant, so will everyone else and their grandmother.

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Photography And How It Can Make Or Break Your Brand. Some important guidelines.

4th January 2016 By 5ivecanons

When approaching a brand’s social media content, companies often fail to post quality photography consistently throughout all channels. The lack of creativity and professionalism creates the perception that a brand is being managed by a millennial with an iPhone. Is that a bad thing? Find out in our scathing review of 20-somethings who think their phones are good enough to represent your brand.

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Hacked. Your data is showing.

12th November 2015 By 5ivecanons, one of the worlds largest web development companies, providing services for millions of small business owners has made news the other week.

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